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"We want to make him whole,

in his own perfect image; we want

him far less human than he is..."

~Neal Bowers, 1990 From Petition to Remove a Statue inspired by DeStaebler's Left-Sided Angel


Art on Campus Collection

Information Sheets on Works of Art

Click on the following titles organized by building to find out more about specific works of art on Iowa State's campus. These information sheets are intended to be used in addition to viewing the art on campus. At no time should these sheets be used as substitutes for experiencing the art in person. Additional information about these works, hard copies of these information sheets, and Art on Campus maps are available at the University Museums office - 290 Scheman Building (2nd Floor) (515) 294-3342.

Information sheets are in Adobe PDF form. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.


Administrative Services Building
Works of Art Checklist


Agronomy Building
Murals by Richard Haas
Janus Agri Altar by Beverly Pepper


Applied Sciences Center
Start to Finish by George Greenamyer


Beardshear Hall
Beardshear Hall Remodeling and Glass Garden


BECON (Biomass Energy Conversion) Facility
Iowa and Energy, a Resource of Growth mural cycle


Black Engineering
Walking the Landscape by Keith Achepohl
Carom by Bruce White


Carrie Chapman Catt Hall
Alcove by Harriet Bart (also see Morrill Hall)


Carver Hall
George Washington Carver by Christian Petersen


Communications Building
Lingo by Marc Moulton
Links by Jack Wilkes


Coover Hall

The Moth by Mac Adams


Curtiss Hall
Germination/From Winter to Spring/Through Day and Night by Richard Leet


Durham Center
Garden of Stone and Light by Keith Achepohl


Extension 4-H Youth Building
What is the Cost of Raising a Child? by Carolyn Braaksma
and 4H Calf by Christian Petersen


Food Science Building (old Dairy Industry)
History of Dairying by Christian Petersen


Frederiksen Community Center
King Harvest by Carolyn Braaksma


Gerdin Business Building
Escalieta I by Manuel Neri

Bravo III by Bill Barrett


Hixson - Lied Student Success Center

We Shall Know Iowa State by its Myriad Parts by STICKS, Inc.


Hoover Hall
Bond and Inquisitor by Seymour Lipton


Howe Hall
Hub and Ariel by Seymour Lipton


Jack Trice Stadium
Jack Trice by Christopher Bennett

Jacobson Athletic Center
Light Projecting Helices by Ray King


Kildee Hall
Balance of Life by Ned Smyth


Lagomarcino Hall
Madonna of the Prairie by Christian Petersen


Le Baron Hall
Border Crossing by Luis Jiménez

Procession by Michela Mahady


Leid Recreation/Athletic Facility
Stride by William King


MacKay Hall
Marriage Ring by Christian Petersen

Border Crossing by Luis Jiménez


Maple Hall
Wild Goose Chase by Carolyn Braaksma


Memorial Union
Fountain of the Four Seasons by Christian Petersen

Whirlwind by Stanton Sears


Molecular Biology Building
The G-Nome Project by Andrew Leicester


Morrill Hall and the Elizabeth and Byron Anderson Sculpture Garden

Transformation by Albert Paley

Alcove by Harriet Bart (also see Catt Hall)


Oak-Elm Residence Halls
Conversations by Christian Petersen


Palmer Building
One Now All by Norie Sato
Joy by Christian Petersen

Parks Library
Unlimited Possibilities by Doug Shelton
Breaking the Prairie designed by Grant Wood
When Tillage Begins, Other Arts Follow designed by Grant Wood

Library Boy and Girl by Christian Petersen
Left Sided Angel by Stephen De Staebler

Forward by William King (soon to be relocated east of Morrill Hall and south of LeBaron)
Shoulders of Giants by Nina Ward

Reiman Gardens
Dikhotomia and Pediment by Tom Stancliffe
Shep by Nina Ward


Roy J. Carver Co-Laboratory
Works of Art Checklist


State Gym
Three Athletes by Christian Petersen


Student Health Center
Light River by Ray King


Veterinary Medicine
The Gentle Doctor by Christian Petersen
Gentle Metal-phor by Mark Knuth
My World is so full of Many Things by Sticks