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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the museums?

Remember there are three different museums, a sculpture garden, and the Art on Campus Collection. All are on campus at Iowa State University. Specific locations and hours for each are listed on the Visit tab.


Where do I park?

When visiting the Brunnier Art Museum, park in the north lot at Scheman Building. Parking in this lot is free when there are no ISU Athletics events happening.

When visiting the Farm House Museum, Christian Petersen Art Museum, Anderson Sculpture Garden, or touring the Art on Campus Collection, there are several options:

Maps, times, parking fee information and more can be found at the ISU Parking Division website.

University Museums does not validate parking.


How much is admission?

Admission to all University Museums at Iowa State University is free with a suggested donation of $8.

There are costs for group tours.

Groups must be 8 or more people. Group tours Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm cost $5 per person per site (or Art on Campus). Tours done evenings and Weekends cost $8 per person per site (or Art on Campus). 

Click here to schedule your tour.


When are the museums open?

You can find current hours and locations on the Visit tab.


May I take photos?

Certain exhibitions do not allow photography. If you see a sign saying no photos or videos, please respect the rules.

Photos and videos to be used for print, broadcast or any kind of publication or reproduction need permission from University Museums. Email or call 515.294.3342. Also, see the Image Rights and Reproduction page. There is a form you can fill out there.

If there are no signs about photography, you may take photos for personal use only.


Am I allowed to touch the art?

Generally, no, you are not allowed to touch the art. You could hurt the art and sometimes it could hurt you. 

If it is safe to interact with the art, there will be a sign giving permission.


Do I have to be quiet?

Feel free to have conversations in the museums. Please don't yell. It hurts our ears.

The University Museums staff is always happy to discuss the exhibitions, programs, events, visual literacy, and more!


Am I allowed to wear headphones?

Yes, feel free to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or anything you like on your headphones while you experience your University Museums. Please do not play music or other sounds on speakers.


Is there a dress code?

While some of the art in the University Museums collections and loaned exhibitions may not follow a dress code, you are expected to keep your private parts private. Wear a shirt or top and some kind of bottom. Shoes are required.

Some themed events may have suggestions for attire, but wear what makes you comfortable!


How do I purchase a University Museums book or publication?

Find a list of all publications available for purchase on the Publications page.

To purchase in-person, stop in the University Museum office during office hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.

To have a publication mailed to you, call the University Museum office at 515.294.3342 during office hours and purchase with your credit card over the phone.

Email or fill out the contact form if you have questions.

The office is located on the top floor of the Scheman Building, 1805 Center Drive, Ames, IA.


Can you tell me how much my [insert work of art] is worth?

As a nonprofit institution, University Museums staff are not legally able to give anyone an appraisal or estimate of worth for any type of art. We suggest you find online groups, forums, and/or marketplaces. You can also search online for local appraisers in your area.


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