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Upcoming Exhibitions

Brunnier Art Museum                    

Arte Cubano
August 24 to November 2, 2021                                                                   

Arte Cubano highlights a universally agreed-upon characteristic of the island’s art: an incredible diversity. Cuban art is so rich in large part because of its diverse cultural blend of African, European, and Latin/Caribbean influences. Add to these traditional roots the revolution of 1959, and Cuban art occupies a unique aesthetic place in the contemporary art world.                                 


Amber Cowan
January to July 2022                                                                                     

Glass artist Amber Cowan uniquely intertwines contemporary glassmaking with historical American mass produced pressed glass to create narrative and abstract sculptures which invite close looking to form visual interpretations. Her intricate and highly detailed sculptures are made through meticulous lampworking, glass blowing, and hot working techniques using recycled and up-cycled 19th century American pressed glass objects and excess factory produced glass. The exhibition will celebrate Cowan’s newest work of art commissioned by University Museums for the permanent collection, along with a selection of her narrative and abstract glass sculptures. 


Contemporary Craft
January to July 2022                                                   


Studio to Contemporary Glass
August 24, 2021 to July 2022
Ann Brunnier Decorative Arts Gallery


Christian Petersen Art Museum

Campbell Gallery (first floor - 1017)

Ginnever: Folded Forms
August to December 2021

Origami series maquettes and drawings, in conjunction with the outdoor Ginnever exhibition in the Anderson Sculpture Garden.


Farm House Museum

Yuletide 2021: Hearth and Home
November to December 2021

The holidays are a time of celebration, goodwill, family and togetherness. The Victorian Era popularized some of the most treasured holiday traditions - stockings hung by the fire, decorated trees, gift-giving, holiday cards, feasts of seasonal foods, and caroling. In the Victorian Era on Iowa State’s campus, these seasonal activities took place in the home. The Farm House Museum, at 160 years old, hosted many gatherings during the holidays spreading goodwill and cheer among the students, faculty and staff. The importance of the fireplace, or hearth, the ongoing importance of “home” during the holidays for the residents of the Farm House, and the influences of the Victorian traditions will be celebrated in the Yuletide 2021: Hearth & Home exhibition. This year’s Yuletide exhibition will feature stockings hung by the fire, first popularized in 1870s Victorian Europe, holiday décor, and the scents and sounds of the season.

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