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Preservation & Conservation

Each object in the University Museums' permanent collection has a unique set of needs for conservation to protect these objects for generations to come. Contributing to conservation allows this work to continue, including bringing in conservation experts to work on objects in the University Museums collection.


Below you will find information on some of the University Museums preservation and conservation projects.

Fountain of the Four Seasons

  • Significance of the "Fountain of the Four Seasons"
  • "Fountain of the Four Seasons" History
  • Art on Campus Collection
  • What is happening to the fountain/pool?
  • Where are the "Maidens" now?
  • Timeline for this Project
  • Why is the "Fountain" being replicated and conserved now?
  • Legacy of Preservation and Conservation
  • How does this affect events, activities, and access at the Memorial Union?
  • Will the "Fountain" be there for graduation photos?
  • How can I help?

Border Crossing

  • Significance of “Border Crossing”
  • “Border Crossing” History
  • Art on Campus Collection
  • What is happening to “Border Crossing”?
  • Timeline for this Project
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