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Priscilla Sage: 1958-2008 Fifty Years of Sculpting

Priscilla Sage publication cover

Priscilla Sage: 1958 – 2008 Fifty Years of Sculpting

by Jane Gilmor

with contributions by Lynette L. Pohlman, Mark Engelbrecht, Priscilla Sage, and Patricia Malarcher

Paperback, 2008

96 pages, 93 color images, 8.5 x 11 inches 

Price: $25.00 + shipping & handling


Priscilla Sage has spent the past fifty years pushing the boundaries of textiles and fiber into the realm of sculpture and fine art. As a child, Priscilla Sage was fascinated by the whorls of seashells, the pattern of scales in pinecone, and the sequence of petals on a flower. The longer she looked, the more human existence and the nature of the universe became part of one consistent whole. This relationship between humans and nature is an underlying theme of Priscilla Sage’s body of work. This publication examines the artist’s career and illustrates her evolution as renowned fine art sculptor, teacher and mentor and how these developments led her to the Midwest and Iowa State University.

This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Priscilla Sage: 1958-2008 Fifty Years of Sculpting (August 26, 2008 through January 5, 2009), presented by the Brunnier Art Museum, University Museums at Iowa State University.

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