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University Museums offers Iowa State students the opportunity to explore careers in museums right on campus through our internship and undergraduate assistant programs focused in education, collections management, public relations, curatorial research, and visitor services. Students applying for an internship or assistantship must be currently enrolled at ISU.

All internship positions for Spring 2018 are filled. We are currently accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2018. 


Margaret Davidson Collections Management Internship

  • Understand the importance of collection management in the museum field.
  • Gain knowledge of proper object documentation, photographing, and research.
  • Gain insight into the care and maintenance of a collection.

Margaret Davidson Curatorial Internship

  • Understand the importance of object and collection research in the museum field.
  • Gain knowledge of key curatorial components - education, research, documentation.
  • Gain insight into exhibition installation & permanent collection installation of Art on Campus.

Margaret Davidson Public Relations Internship

  • Understand the importance of public relations in the museum field.
  • Gain knowledge of marketing techniques - press releases, fliers, social media applications.
  • Gain insight into photographic documentation of exhibitions and events.

Richard Taylor Education Internship

  • Understand the importance of education in the museum field.
  • Gain knowledge of audience development through educational techniques.
  • Gain insight into exhibition installations that utilize educational principles.

Wayne and Eleanor Ostendorf Farm House Museum Undergraduate Assistant

  • Understand all aspects of daily Farm House Museum operations.
  • Gain knowledge in the care and development of collections and collection-based research.
  • Gain insight into exhibitions and work as a team member to develop integrated curatorial and educational programming and other learning opportunities.

Internship Application

Course Offerings

A M D 257 – Museum Studies

Offered every Fall semester, 3 credits

Prereq: Sophomore standing

Overview of museums including history, functions, and philosophy. Collection and curatorial practices. Funding and governance issues. Hands-on object research and exhibit development. Required field trip.

Dsn S 145x – Diversity in Art

Offered every Spring semester, 1 credit

Discussion on issues of diversity and inclusion utilizing the Art on Campus and University’s Permanent Collection. Topics include ethnic heritage, family background, religious traditions, and interpersonal relationships, with a significant focus on instilling visual analysis skills.

Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement.

NREM 181 – Artistry in Wood

Offered every other Spring semester, 1 credit

A survey of the artistry of wood as appreciated in spatial scale from microscopic anatomy to engineered wood structures. Anatomical and physical properties that render wood as a medium for artistic expression. The works of local artists, designers and engineers will be featured. The University Museums collection and Art on Campus will be explored.

Museum Space

Iowa State students are invited to use the University Museums gallery spaces for group and club meetings. Depending on the current exhibition, the Brunnier Art Museum and Christian Petersen Art Museum can accommodate up to 100 students, and The Farm House Museum can accommodate up to 25 students. Chairs can also be requested for use during these meetings.  Two weeks notice is preferred to schedule space in the museums. For more information or to reserve museum space, please contact Dave Faux at 515-294-3342 or

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