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Project Updates

April 22, 2019
Collections vault taking shape

Hilsinger Janson Collection Vault - Project donor Barbara Janson (left) speaks with Director and Chief Curator Lynette Pohlman about the installation of the compact storage system. The renovated collections vault will house over 20,000 objects in the permanent collection and will enable University Museums to better access, protect and conserve the significant fine and decorative art collections. 

April 1, 2019
Making Progress Two Feet At A Time

It's been a noisy few days at the Scheman Building as the construction crews are cutting in to the concrete walls that used to be the front of the Brunnier Art Museum. Due to their location and weight, the walls have to be cut down in 2 foot square blocks. 


The office space has also been stripped of the interior drywall, leaving the framework and starting to show how the open space will look.

March 11, 2019
Demo & Discovery

The front entrance of the Brunnier saw lots of changes this week as crews from The Wilson Group removed the front display case exposing the original Brunnier Gallery concrete entrance wall. For the first phase of the construction timeline, the crews will be focused on the HVAC system replacement and the Jansen-Hilsinger storage vault.

Upper left: The construction crews remove the front display case.
Upper right: With the front display case removed, the original concrete entrance to the Brunnier was exposed.
Lower left: The walls and ceiling were removed from the staff office space.
Lower right: As walls were removed, some long lost artifacts were discovered.

February 28, 2019
Reno-Breaking event celebrates the start of construction

Construction has officially begun for the Brunnier Art Museum’s renovation project. To commemorate the event, University Museum’s held an event called Reno-Breaking - like a ground breaking, but for a renovation 

The short program included words from a current University Museum intern and a previous intern, as well as symbolically taking down the “Art” sign above the Brunnier’s entrance. Diane Patton, an active member of University Museum’s Curator’s Associates, served as the event’s MC.

Dacey Messinger is currently a senior majoring in history with a minor in public relations. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, she has been an intern for University Museums since her sophomore year at ISU. “I decided to become an intern because of my passion for history and love of museums. Little did I know, the journey I would go on from there,” Messinger said. “The future I dream for would not be possible without my experience in these past three years. University Museums has made an unforgettable impact on my future career and I wouldn’t go back and change a moment of my time here.”

Tammy Schroader Snook graduated in 2000 and majored in Anthropology; she currently lives in Yuma, Arizona and serves as the Park Manager for the Colorado River State Historic Park. She became an intern for University Museums after taking the Museums Studies class and realizing museums were a great match for her interests. “University Museums has impacted me greatly in that it led me to choose the career path I have and enabled me to get the job that I have,” Snook said via video. “I’m really thankful for the time I spent at the museums and I look back it fondly.”

The renovation project is expected to be completed by the end of July, which will give staff time to move into the space and install fall exhibitions. 

Click here to see the full program video.

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