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Forestry students step out of the classroom and into the Mid-Century

Posted on March 4, 2019 at 4:35 PM by Betsy Grabinski

One of University Museum's core goals is: "Create vital partnerships within Iowa State University to enhance higher education by exploring creative interactions in arts, sciences and technology." One of those partnerships brings together Forestry student's studying wood and its many uses in art.


"For a number of years, I have taken my spring Forestry 280: Wood Properties and Identification class on two 'field trips,' or 'specials' as I call them, involving University Museums," said Douglas D. Stokke, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Forestry. "Typically we visit the Brunnier (Art Museum), however due to its closure for renovation, we chose the Christian Petersen Art Museum (CPAM)."


This week, Stokke and his 19-student class visited CPAM and the Designed for a Modern Life exhibition. "The mid-century modern exhibition was a happy circumstance; a number of items on display are wood crafts," Stokke said.


Beyond the basic study of wooden art objects, he wants his students to be introduced to University Museums and the Art on Campus collection as well as build their visual literacy skills. His class includes freshmen to senior students and unfortunately, many are not familiar with University Museums and the extensive collection.


"David Faux presented a very informative and enjoyable program incorporating the important elements of visual literacy." Stokke said. After their trip to CPAM, students write a reflection piece about what they saw, how their perceptions changed and how they can apply the things they learned to their future discipline.


"My hope for the students is to be exposed to the idea of visual literacy as a means to enhance their appreciation of not only wood craft, but the arts in general. I want them to have a refreshing, educational experience outside of our usual classroom environment."


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