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Will the "Fountain" be there for graduation photos?

As a hot spot for many to capture their campus adventure, please note that the site will not be as expected and will flux with the work required. This project is undertaken so that future generations of the Iowa State community will experience this campus icon.

The Maidens and terra cotta ring will be off campus from November 2022 through spring 2024 with only the exposed fountainhead plumbing visible. (The reinstallation date in the fall is tentative). The pool will be removed in spring 2023 and then reconstructed.

The space in front of the Memorial Union surrounding the pool structure will be open for passersby from November 2022 through early spring 2023. When construction begins on the pool structure, fencing will cut off access to the pool structure and the walkways surrounding it.

The pool and fountain will not run until all of the materials have cured after reinstallation and weather permits. This could be anytime between summer 2024 and spring 2025.




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