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Donate to the ongoing conservation of the Art on Campus Collection

This is a project funded by the Office of the President, but each object in the Art on Campus Collection, and the University Museums' permanent collection as a whole, has a unique set of needs for conservation to protect these objects for generations to come. Contributing to conservation within University Museums allows this work to continue, including bringing in conservation experts to work on objects in the University Museums collection. 



Protect the Fountain of the Four Seasons

The works of art in the Art on Campus Collection can be protected for generations to come by your actions! Specifically for the Fountain of the Four Seasons, keeping the water at an acceptable chemical level is important for the long-term care of the carved Maidens.

When soap, plant material, coins, other objects or people are placed in the pool, this balance can be disturbed, and can even lead to the Fountain needing to be drained completely. Not only is this a stress on the works of art, but this is also a large water conservation issue.

The modifications completed on the Fountain will allow the water to be recirculated and filtered, conserving water throughout the season, as long as outside materials are not thrown in.

Protect Iowa State's artistic heritage! Please do not put objects or allow people in the pool or fountain!


Share Your Story 

Throughout the process of the conservation of the Fountain of the Four Seasons, University Museums would love to receive your memories of the Fountain over the years.

Spread your love of the Fountain of the Four Seasons by sharing your stories on social media. Did you have graduation photos there? Wedding photos? Family portraits? Capture a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Use #Fountain4Seasons or tag University Museums in your posts.

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Email us your photos and stories at and with your permission, we might share them on our website, eNews, and/or social media.


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