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Why is the "Fountain" being replicated and conserved now?

This conservation and replication project has been in planning for multiple years, as analysis of the condition of the fountain has been recorded and monitored during previous smaller scale treatments. From conservator Francis Miller’s 2020 report:

The original, hand carved finishes of the limestone Maidens have deteriorated, leaving the outer stone layer more porous and susceptible to weathering and acidic exposure. The loss of single stone grains can contribute to considerable loss of finish. Continued exposure outdoors, treatment for deposit and stain cleaning, and even basic maintenance, will lead to further damage. The terra cotta surfaces are in relatively good condition but have slight crazing, small losses, losses along edges, losses from sandblasting, cracks and breaks in the spills.

The fountainhead basin is cracked with failing concrete. The surrounding limestone wall has cracked and failing in the lower units.

This conservation project will address issues with the 1937 pool, the of wear from over 80 years the Maidens have spent outdoors, and end further considerable wear on the original sculptures by re-carving the original sculpture and placing the 1941 Maidens indoors. 


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