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ReACT Application Process

The ReACT Exhibition Series will resume in Fall 2019. 
Proposals for 2019-2020 are due February 15.

Click here for the ReACT exhibition proposal form.





Any member of the ISU faculty and/or staff can propose an exhibition for the ReACT Exhibition Series. Prior to planning and implementation, exhibitions must receive approval from the ReACT Exhibition Series Committee. Full support of the exhibition proposal is needed to move forward. Proposals for scheduled ReACT Exhibits are due by February 15 of each year. Those meeting the proposal guidelines will be presented to the ReACT Exhibition Series Committee for decision and selection for the following academic year. For pop-up exhibitions, the time from when an idea is proposed by someone until it is decided by the committee is ideally intended to be about one week.



Exhibitions will be curated from the University Museums permanent collections and loaned objects as appropriate and readily available. All objects will connect to and reflect the exhibition concept statement. Curatorial content will be provided by faculty from an array of disciplines who have particular research interests on the exhibited theme. Recommendations for loaned objects can be made to the curator who will create the final exhibition checklist. If circumstances arise in which adequate objects cannot be obtained or the objects do not hold true to the purpose of the exhibition upon installation, the curator reserves the right to stop any further exhibition activity.

Within the curatorial process, potentially impacted communities will be identified and campus departments and offices who may be affected will be informed (ISU Police, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, University Relations, Student Government President, Student Wellness, Vice President for Student Affairs, etc.). The ReACT Exhibition Series is not obligated to represent multiple and/or opposing viewpoints within any one exhibition, however, when an exhibit addresses a controversial topic, competing points of view will be acknowledged and the exhibition content will not be curated with the intention to sway public understanding towards one view point or another.



The ReACT Exhibition Series Committee will use the following criteria when reviewing session proposals:

  • The proposal should be of high artistic, historic and education merit.

  • The proposal ideas and purpose are clearly focused and well-articulated.

  • The proposal is organized, well-conceived and well-developed.

  • The proposal is important, timely, and relevant (this may include emerging trends, technology, global perspectives, or other content that is boundary pushing, thought-provoking and unique).

  • The proposal content is original and does not infringe copyright.

  • The proposal content can be applied to a diverse range of disciplines and cultural perspectives.

  • The proposal includes consideration of objects from University Museums' permanent collection. (The collection can be searched here.) Applicants can contact Dana Schumacher, ReACT Project Coordinator, for assistance in identifying works related to the proposed exhibit theme.

  • Proposals utilizing permanent collection objects and/or borrowed exhibitions/collections will be considered with a focus on significant Iowa, national, and international artists and/or art movements.

Proposals may not be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • The proposal is too narrowly focused to have a broad appeal.

  • The proposal does not offer any new insights or innovations in the area.

  • The proposal description lacks clarity and/or specificity.

  • The proposal content lacks applicability to a diverse range of disciplines and cultural perspectives.

  • We do not accept proposals directly from the artist(s) represented in the exhibition.



Proposals that meet these criteria will be sent by the ReACT Exhibition Series Curator to the ReACT Exhibition Series Committee for review. The Committee includes the University Museums Director, University Museums Educator, the Senior Vice President for University Services, Vice President for Research, Associate Vice President for Research, and the Center for Excellence in Arts and Humanities Director. It is understood that the Committee will develop some exhibition themes for the ReACT Exhibition Series.

Questions the ReACT Exhibition Series Committee will consider in evaluating proposals and will use as justification for approval and denial of exhibition proposals are:

  • Is this relevant to the Iowa State community?

  • Are there at least three ISU departments or programs who could provide content and/or support on this topic?

  • Is there a connection to a larger community outside of Iowa State?

  • Are there works of art to support the exhibition?

  • Are the proposed exhibition objects curated from the University Museums’ permanent collection?

  • Is the Reiman Gallery at the Christian Petersen Art Museum a suitable venue?

  • Are there significant budgetary considerations?

  • Does the proposal align with the goals of the ReACT Exhibition Series?

  • Is a potential threat assessment needed based on the exhibition content? ISU Police will be contacted if it is determined that one is needed. Does the result of the threat assessment identify a risk that is too significant?

Click here to complete the exhibition submission form.

Decisions will be communicated to applicants by the end of March.


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